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What Happens After The Tooth Extraction

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So it goes that most readers may be thinking that the worst is over. The tooth extraction san antonio procedure is finally over. Actually, it’s not. It is quite possibly only halfway through. So briefly put, here is what happens after the extraction. Patients could expect to experience a little bleeding of the gums. They may also experience some swelling. And regrettably, there is still the prospect of pain. But this should only be slight in any event.

After the tooth is extracted, the entire healing process should not last more than a week. But during this time, there could be negative symptoms. Should these symptoms not ceased within a day, the patient should report these to his dentist at his earliest convenience. It is advised that the patient avoid the consumption of hard foods. A recommended self-medicating remedy is the application of ice.

This will be applied to the outside of the mouth in order to aid the recovery process. Ultimately, the dentist must decide whether or not a tooth extraction is really necessary. Because after a thorough exam it could well be determined that damage to the affected tooth is not that severe. In a case like this, the tooth could still be repaired. Further remedial treatment could include the placing of a filling.

Pain and discomfort should always be reported to the dentist. But if the tooth is loose and the discomfort is mild, there are those who may wish to chance their arm by self-medicating. The popular but bad habit is to simply yank the tooth out. It is a case of; kids, please do not try this at home. It is unhealthy and unwise. It is unhygienic and has the potential to cause further damage.